Boomerang: Free web-based SCRUM tool for sprint planning and daily SCRUM management

What is Boomerang?

The Boomerang application has been created to provide a simple and effective web tool for your SCRUM managed projects. 

 Project and Sprint views

Screenshots of Boomerang  SCRUM application tool:
Project and Screen views


What is Scrum?

As a framework for managing complex work Scrum is a commonly used agile software development methodology.

Scrum and other agile methodologies emphasize communication and collaboration, functioning software, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities.

For many developers in the software industry is the agile methodology a helpful and commonly used tool for efficient project management.
Scrum has three fundamental roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and team member.

In the Scrum method of agile software development, work is divided into a regular, repeatable work cycle – sprint or iteration. A sprint is a consistent duration, usually 30 days long, but many teams prefer shorter sprints, such as one-week, two-week, or three-week sprints. This, of course, is up to each team to decide.

Scrum methodology ensures efficient, transparent and flexible project management.


How can the Boomerang SCRUM application be useful?

Boomerang allows you to organize your User Stories, plan the Sprints, manage the Daily Scrum and perform a retrospective, based on collected data and information from sprints.

Advanced drag & drop functionalities and a simple user interface make it the perfect tool to keep your project and planning agile and to avoid any irrelevant tasks to developers.



Wikipedia: Scrum is an iterative incremental framework for managing complex work (such as new product development) commonly used with agile software development

Scrum Alliance: Scrum articles, resources, events, training and certifications to become certified ScrumMaster


SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes by @hamids:



Do you want to know more?

Check out the Boomerang application using a dummy demo account created just for you :

  • Team Leader account  : tldemo/tldemo
  • Team Member account: tmdemo/tmdemo


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